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Information Links

These are a selection of my favoured links. They are links to sites of interest and to those of people who have helped me.


  • The Galloping Greyhound Gourmet
    My website for my dog baking and catering. Come and buy some lovely treats for your beloved pet, treat them to a lovely birthday cake, special dog biscuits. Feeding them these may save you giving your own treats to the dog!
  • A La Bark Baking
    Buy my recipe book and help to save a dog. A percentage of all profits will go to a dog charity. The book has many different recipes for cakes, sponges, biscuits and scones of various flavours, as well as meatloaves and dinners. All the ingredients are healthy and good for your dog, not only that they are quick and easy to make. Even children will enjoy them and the smell as they bake will make everyone- not just the dogs - hungry!
  • A J Window (Blacksmith)
    A very friendly local artisan blacksmith who has made a number of beautiful things for my garden and house, his products range from gates to sculptures, fireplaces to door handles.