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2009 promises big things for me and my animal activities. My baking is going from strength to strength and the recipe book appears in the next few months. I just can't wait to see what else unfolds.


  • Mic Martin (TVs Dog Borstal trainer)
    Training your pets
    I recently underwent a one day assessment with Mic Martin at his training centre in Watford to see if I have what it takes to be a dog trainer. I am really pleased to say that I passed the assessment and will be starting my training with him shortly. I think I will have to be thick skinned and keep a good sense of humour - Mic tells it as it is, no holds barred!
  • Catering for the dogs at the annual Greyhound walks
    Offering catering to our pets
    Last year was so successful that I have been invited back once more under my other hat of the Galloping Greyhound Gourmet. My doggie dinners were so popular and looked so good that many owners thought that they were for them and not the hounds - I think they wanted the game stew in preference to the burnt burgers!
  • Animal Communication
    Addressing a course at Stansted Hall
    I was recently asked to address a group of about 150 delegates on a course at Stansted Hall about animal communication, what it is and how it affects our relationships with our pets.